A Little About Us

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Thrupack's mission:
to provide useful and innovative backpacking accessories to long-distance hikers while fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion within our company and the outdoor community.

A Bit About Us:
We are what you would call a cottage company, based in Norfolk, Virginia.
We are a microbusiness that is a direct to consumer manufacturer 
of handmade, high-quality, backpacking accessories.
I, Paul, got into backpacking about 12 years ago and went on myriad weekend hikes, eventually setting my sights on Mt. Katahdin. 
After accumulating nearly 5,000 miles on the Appalachian Trail (2012)
and Pacific Crest Trail, (2015)
when I realized how useful waist-packs are for thru-hikers, 
I started making prototypes, literally in my closet.
I wanted to make a waist pack that was specifically better for backpackers.
A lot of my friends loved the packs I gave them and I wanted to see how many other people would love them too.
So, Thrupack filed for a business license in 2017 and bought a domain.
Since then, it has been a pleasure receiving overwhelming support from long-distance hikers everywhere! 
What started as a hobby, became a very real career path in a community that I love to be a part of. 
Every pack is made here in our own workshop, by an experienced hiker.  

Thrupack is based in the United States