Several Ways to Rock a Summit Bum™!

Several Ways to Rock a Summit Bum™!

 The Standard

Every Thrupack Summit Bum™ comes with a standard 1 inch nylon webbing strap. This strap is detachable, and it fits through the back part of the fanny pack and around your waist or hips. Since the buckle can be adjusted and arranged so that it doesn’t rest on the small of your back (you can spin the buckle to the front or side of your fanny pack), it is comfortable to wear both your fanny pack and backpack simultaneously. Not backpacking? This configuration is perfect for front-country and backcountry use. Want extra comfort? Upgrade to our comfy strap for a stretchier (and more stylish) fit!

Thru your backpack’s hip belt

While not compatible with all backpacks, this method involves the threading of your backpack’s hip belt through the back opening of your fanny pack. This works best on backpacks with simple webbing hip belts up to 1.5” and with at least 8” between hip-belt padding. This configuration allows you to ditch the webbing hip belt that comes with your Thrupack™, connecting the utility of your fanny pack directly to your backpack. While exceptionally straightforward while hiking, if you plan on wearing your Thrupack™ around camp, make sure you bring your webbing strap (or comfy strap) with you! Otherwise, you’ll just have to carry it around like a stuff sack. 

Chest Strap

Don’t like carrying extra weight on your hips? Want to distribute some of your weight upwards? Our fanny packs come with 4 small loops on each of its 4 corners, and this allows you to rig your fanny pack to your chest. Simply attach 2 or 4 small/lightweight carabiners to the corner loops, and then attach those 2 or 4 carabiners to the shoulder straps on your backpack. Same utility, different distribution of weight! Don’t like the idea of carabiners? DIY your own setup.

Over the Shoulder

Slinging your Thrupack over your shoulder can be a great way to carry your essentials. It’s Thrupack™ founder Skunk Ape’s favorite way to carry his fanny pack, as it allows the fanny to sit perfectly between your backpack’s sternum strap and hip belt. The Comfy Strap™ really shines in this application! Why would you do this instead of wearing it around your waist? 100% personal preference! Also…wearing it as a sling will most certainly make you feel like an archer, and we all know that archers are badasses. Want to be super duper cool? Crisscross 2 fanny packs over your shoulders for twice the fun.

Around the Pack

Don’t feel like carrying your fanny pack on your chest or your waist? Strap that sucker around the body of your pack and give it a free ride! While it defeats some of the functionality/purposes of carrying a fanny pack, it essentially transforms your fanny into a detachable brain. Still useful!

Let someone else carry it!

What the best way to cut down on weight but not on gear?!? Let someone else carry it! Friends, people you meet on trail, or pets… just strap your fanny around them and continue on your way. Just kidding, that's a terrible idea. Leave your dog/friends alone. No one wants to carry your stuff. 

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