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True to its name, the Comfy Strap is soft, luxurious, fashionable, and best of all it won’t chafe or rub your skin raw underneath backpack straps.

Use it with any of our Summit Bum series.
It works great on the hips or over the shoulder and under your pack straps.

Made of 2" elastane material which is strong enough to hold the contents of your hip pack, with a little bit of stretch so it rides comfortably.

• Adjustable
• Soft
• Secure

When ordered along with a pack, it will replace the 1" webbing strap which would have been included. If you want both straps, just give us a heads up with your order number. 

Additional Info:

• 2" wide (5cm)
- Lengths vary, they each can expand about 24” beyond the listed size as well to make it a comfortable over the shoulder too.
the size measurement is for the “comfy” wider portion where the webbing can cinch down to the listed size. if you don’t wish to have excess, you can simply cut and seal with some heat.

• Medium - 2.2 oz (62g)

• Polyester
• Elastane
• YKK heavy-duty buckle
• Nylon webbing

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