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Thrupack Ultrasling - 1oz Total Weight

Thrupack Ultrasling - 1oz Total Weight

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Unleash the lightest adventurer in you with the Thrupack Ultrasling – your feather-light companion crafted for the untamed trails.

Feather-Light Marvel:

Meet the Thrupack Ultrasling, a sling-pack that defies gravity. Weighing in at just 1oz, it's a testament to the pursuit of absolute minimalism without compromising durability.

Strong, Lightweight, Versatile:

Built for the long haul, the Ultrasling features strong yet lightweight materials, ensuring it's a reliable companion for every step of your thru-hiking journey. The removable strap adds a layer of versatility, allowing you to adapt on the fly.

Designed for the Trail:

Thrupack Ultrasling is not just a pack; it's a commitment to comfortable thru-hiking. With a reasonable 0.65 liters of space, it's designed to fit essentials, including your phone. It's a potent piece of gear that won't weigh you down.

Hi-Tech Materials at Play:

The game-changing 50 denier, triple-ripstop polyester face, with 45-degree Ultra™ CrossPly™ yarn, and polyethylene laminate is a technological marvel. This hi-tech material is perfect for small packs, ensuring durability without the weight. The seams are taped with Mylar, adding a touch of innovation to its design.

Versatile Ways to Wear:

Wear it with the belt over your shoulder, on your hip, or unleash its full potential by removing the strap altogether, turning it into a small pack organizer. The Ultrasling adapts to your style, giving you the freedom to explore comfortably.

Comfy Strap Adaptability:

While currently not compatible with Comfy Strap options, we're all about customization. Chat with us about it, and let's modify it to suit your comfort preferences.

Lighten Your Load, Heighten Your Journey:

Thrupack Ultrasling – the epitome of minimal weight, maximum freedom. Elevate your thru-hiking experience and redefine what's possible on the trail.

8" x 3.5" x 1.5"

The strap is about 48"-50" at its longest.
We can make it longer or shorter upon request!

- Nylon
- Polyester
- Plastic 

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